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I led a multi-award winning software studio for 20 years. I have worked with start-ups and some of the biggest brands in the world to deliver new and innovative B2B and B2C products.  I've built and led teams throughout the entire product chain from conception to development to delivery, and ultimately adoption.

In those years 20 years, I've learned the critical difference between the success and failure of a product was the team's Product Marketing proficiency.  Product Marketing drives the strategy and the execution of initiatives that lead to product adoption.  Be it MAU, activations, time to value, churn reduction, or any other related metric, product adoption is the only thing that matters. 

A successful product team is not just about building bug free products, but building products that customers love. Product marketing must be a core competency within your products team to be successful.  


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Best fitting customer(s)

Key messaging


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Product Ideations and Definition

Product ideation

Feature refinement 

Product roadmap development

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Pricing and Messaging

Content Strategy

Outbound and Inbound Sales

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Product marketers

Product managers



David is a passionate and transformational product leader who creates high-performing and highly engaged teams that drive strong results.

I had the pleasure of working with David during his engagement as the interim Product Leader of Finn AI’s product team. During this time, David helped shift our product strategy to be more closely organized around key strategic areas of focus and to craft a stronger, more predictable, and more value-driven product roadmap.


—  Rob Reardon, Sr. Product Manager, Ada (prev. Finn AI)


I have consulted to start-ups, major corporations, and governments.  They all have entrepreneurial challenges. I pursue projects where technical innovation is at the core of the product offering. 

Technologies I am currently engaged with: 

AI (NLU specifically), Blockchain, and AR/VR